About us


The company “Bramy doo” has built a professional reputation on the foundations of the family company “Braća Miljković” founded in 1978. In those ancient years we were recognizable by the uncompromising quality of the materials as well as the excellent final processing that separated us from many similar offers on the market, which thanks to the nurturing of family tradition in the form of transferring specific knowledge and tailor’s secret skills, have been preserved to the present days.

The main activity of the company is production of men’s and women’s light and heavy garments as well as uniforms for members of the army, police, security…


A long-standing presence characterized by top quality, strict respect for the delivery deadlines as well as an extremely professional and correct attitude towards business partners has positioned us in a very important place in the textile industry which is evidenced by numerous awards at international fairs.

Fashion Trends

We have caught up with times thanks to the application of modern technology which is a combination with timeless design and attention we dedicate to each detail represents a great basis on which the quality of our product is based.

„Bramy” trademark

In great competition, in spring 1996., for their first fair performance, Company Braća Miljković won “Srebrna košuta” for creation of man suit. On fall 1996., a company wins “Zlatna košuta” for man suit and “Zlatni prsten” for entire collection.

Such success has contributed to the management launching its own Bramy trademark. Emphasis is placed on recognizable and modern design, the procurement of good materials and quality model making.

Today, company Bramy hires 100 employees, owns modern technology for technical preparation, modern machines for overall sewing operations and finalization of products.

Company sells its products through its retail network and known wholesalers in Serbia.